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Frequently Asked Questions

What is growth hacking?

A Simple Definition + How to Get Started Growth hacking is an umbrella term for strategies focused solely on growth. It is usually used in relation to early-stage startups who need massive growth in a short time on small budgets.

What is an original growth hacker (OGH)?

Sean Ellis coined it in 2010 when trying to come up with a new job description. Sean is the OG (original growth hacker). He helped lots of startups achieve accelerated growth (for example, Dropbox) as a consultant. However, whenever he would leave a startup to pursue new ventures, he would have a tough time finding a replacement.

Can an engineer be a growth hacker?

Sean, in his own words, was looking for “a person whose true north is growth.” As growth is the make-or-break metric for startups (either they grow fast enough or they die), that’s the only metric that a growth hacker cares about. An engineer can be a growth hacker just as much as a marketer can.

What is growth hacking and who is Sean Ellis?

The term “growth hacking” was coined by Sean Ellis, founder and CEO of GrowthHackers, in 2010. What is a Growth Hacker? A growth hacker is someone who uses creative, low-cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers. Sometimes growth hackers are also called growth marketers, but growth hackers are not simply marketers.

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