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Frequently Asked Questions

Is American funds CAP world growth?

The American Funds Cap World Growth & Income A made its debut in March of 1993 and CWGIX has managed to accumulate roughly $55.07 billion in assets, as of the most recently available information. The fund is currently managed by a team of investment professionals.

What is the American Growth Fund?

American Funds' Growth Fund of America (AGTHX) is a large-cap equity fund that focuses on capital growth. Portfolio managers practice active stock selection. The fund has an expense ratio of 0.64% and a turnover rate of 25%.

What is Growth index fund?

Definitions of Value, Growth & Index Stock Funds Value stock mutual funds primarily invest in value stocks, which are stocks that an investor believes are selling at a price that is low in relation to earnings or other fundamental value measures.

What is the definition of Growth Fund?

A growth fund is a diversified portfolio of stocks that has capital appreciation as its primary goal, with little or no dividend payouts. The portfolio mainly consists of companies with above-average growth that reinvest their earnings into expansion, acquisitions and/or research and development (R&D).

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