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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the function of GRF and GIF?

GRF and GIF form a transcriptional complex that acts as a functional unit for various biological processes. The duo seems to serve, most conspicuously, for maintenance of meristematic identities of organ primordia, which is manifested by active cell proliferation and ultimately leads to vigorous leaf growth and successful reproduction.

Does the GRF–GIF–mir396 module enhance the cell population of leaves?

It is therefore conceivable that enhancement of the cell population of leaves by manipulating the GRF–GIF–miR396 module would give rise to a positive effect on production of starch, oil, and biomass. A research group has analysed the effects of so-called intrinsic yield genes (IYGs) on leaf growth ( Gonzalez et al., 2010 ).

Do GRF and GIF play roles in leaf growth in monocots?

In monocots, loss-of-function approaches to investigate the roles of GRF and GIF in leaf growth have been hampered by functional redundancies of the members of the duo, producing no firm experimental evidence as yet.

How does the GIF triple mutation affect anther development?

The gif triple mutation also resulted in severe defects in anther development. The archesporial cells and their progeny of the mutant anther displayed weak meristematic activities and failed to form microsporangia, consequently producing structurally and functionally aberrant anthers with no pollen grains ( Lee et al., 2014 ).

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