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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a GPO, using a template?

To create a new GPO using a template: Log on to the Advanced Group Policy Management (AGPM) client with a user account that has been assigned the Editor role. In the Group Policy Management Console tree, click Change Control in the forest and domain in which you want to manage your GPOs. In the details pane, click the Contents tab, and then click the Controlled tab. More items...

What is a group policy template?

A Microsoft Group Policy administrative template is a file that supports the implementation of Microsoft Windows Group Policy and centralized user and machine management in Active Directory environments.

What is Group Policy?

Group Policy is primarily a security tool, and can be used to apply security settings to users and computers. Group Policy allows administrators to define security policies for users and for computers.

What is Microsoft Group Policy?

Group Policy is a hierarchical infrastructure that allows a network administrator in charge of Microsoft's Active Directory to implement specific configurations for users and computers.

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