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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gorodok a good map in squad?

Gorodok is a map that exemplifies Squad’s combined arms warfare and is great for both infantry and vehicle players. Gorodok is divided by a river running through the middle of the map, which can be crossed at most points, but is also particularly exposed, meaning that care is needed when trying to move across.

What is the name of the Russian map in squad?

Gorodok (Russian: "городок") is one of the maps available in Squad. Gorodok is an Eastern European map, located near the Dnipro river in the present day Smolensk Oblast with large expansive hilly terrain with some forest coverage. Gorodok was added to the game in Alpha 6 and was updated in Alpha 9 to become a 4k map.

Who made the squad maps?

Squad Maps SquadMaps: All maps and layers in Squad Created by Napster653with the help from [M] Kief and [ASC]LeventHAN Donate | GitHub | V2.11 | Squad Wiki Repo SQUAD MAPS

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