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Frequently Asked Questions

How to create a stock portfolio tracker in sheets?

Let’s go over some of the basic formulas you need to create a simple stock portfolio tracker in Sheets. To gather the current stock price of a publicly listed company, simply enter the following: AAPL is Apple’s ticker symbol. Change that part to the ticker of the company you’re tracking.

What is the stock tracker?

(Deleting and then clicking "Undo", will not have the same effect) This stock tracker will allow you to keep a watchlist of up to 132 stocks, and will analyze the performance / statistics of each stock in your watchlist, such as the current price, how much the price has risen / fallen for the day, the price trend over time, and more.

How can I get more spreadsheets and checklists?

While you’re at it, you can also get more spreadsheets and checklists by registering your email with Old School Value. But before we get deep into portfolio tracking, fill in your information below and I’ll immediately send you the best free investment checklists and more investment resources to help boost your investing.

How do I check if a stock is in my watchlist?

If you want, on the "Favorites" tab, enter the symbol for your favorite stocks to watch, in the "Symbol" column If you want, enter new stock symbols on the "List Check" tab to see if the stock is already in your watchlist This tab allows you to see a variety of data related to each stock symbol that is entered into the watchlist

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