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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Finance portfolios?

Track and understand the performance of your investments with Portfolios in Google Finance. See your overall investment’s value, compare your performance to other stocks and indexes, and see analytics and news stories about your investments. Custom portfolios let you manage and track your personal investment value over time.

How do I track a stock on Google Finance?

Underneath the company name and stock symbol in the upper left corner, you can click the Follow button to begin tracking the stock. Another way to access Google Finance is by visiting This will direct you to what can be summarized as your personal dashboard.

What is the stock tracker?

(Deleting and then clicking "Undo", will not have the same effect) This stock tracker will allow you to keep a watchlist of up to 132 stocks, and will analyze the performance / statistics of each stock in your watchlist, such as the current price, how much the price has risen / fallen for the day, the price trend over time, and more.

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