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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using Google Maps Street View?

Google Street View is a valuable tool that allows you to see panoramic views of streets around the world. The interactive feature, which is available on Google Maps and Google Earth, can be used to virtually travel to scenic destinations or simply to scope out an area you're interested in moving to.

How do you use Google Maps Street View?

Open the Maps app, select the Map views button on the side, and turn on Streetside. To jump into Streetside view, select any location that's shaded blue. Or search for a place, and then select Streetside on the info card of that place. To move around within Streetside, select an arrow on the street, or drag in any direction.

How do I find my location on Google Maps?

To find where you are on Google Maps, the app must have permission to use your phone’s built-in GPS to access your location. You must have Location turned on in your settings. Open the Google Maps app for Android. On the map, in the bottom right corner above the navigation bar, you will find the Your location button, which looks like a target.

How often is Google Maps Street View updated?

Street View is apparently the most difficult to keep up-to-date. Google tries to update major cities once a year and less populated areas once every three years or so. What is Google Maps street view?

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