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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Intel preparing for Gemini Lake powered Chromebooks?

Intel has already announced the successor to the Apollo Lake processor and this week I stumbled upon evidence that preparations for Gemini Lake powered Chromebooks are already in the works. This may look like gobbledygook but in a nutshell, this is the initial overlay for the Gemini Lake chipset being added to the Chromium repository.

Is the Gemini Lake Chromebook a reference device?

There really isn’t much to go on, yet but the commit in question clearly labels the new Gemini Lake Chrome device as a “Chromebook” not a “reference” device as we see on many boards used solely for testing and development. Apart from the usual Googler’s, I haven’t found names that would point to a particular manufacturer either.

What processors does Edge Firefox Gemini Lake have?

Edge Firefox Gemini Lake Intel® Pentium® Silver Processors N5xxx, J5xxx and Intel® Celeron® Processors N4xxx, J4xxx Documentation Software & downloads

Will the Gemini Lake processors improve performance?

The Gemini Lake processors are rumored to gain another 15% increase in performance using the same 14nm process and Goldmont technology but that means little to nothing if the current Atom lineup shows no improvement over the aging Braswell label. Here at Chrome Unboxed, we are 110% for any type of advancement of the Chrome OS platform.

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