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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Google Hong Kong a smarter Hong Kong?

Google Hong Kong - A Smarter Hong Kong Today With 89% of Hong Kongers already living online, the internet has created new opportunities for millions - from entrepreneurs and businesses to developers, creators and the general public.

Why did Google move to Hong Kong?

Because most of Google’s services were blocked by the Great Firewall in China, Google decided to shut down its search engines in mainland China and moved all Google search sites to Hong Kong in 2010. Just like other Google offices, it serves a free lunch buffet for its stuff and a pantry full of snacks and drinks.

Where is Google's new Shanghai office?

The new Shanghai office is located at the 60th and 61st floor of the Shanghai World Financial Center (SWFC). Google’s new office is located in China’s Silicon Valley. Google Shenzhen will start as a co-working space. Google also has an office in the Beijing Fortune Center.

Where is Google's new office?

Their lease will expired at the end of 2018 so it won’t be long before we get to see Google’s new office at the First International Financial Centre ( FIFC) which is said to be three times bigger than their existing office. Next to India with the most number of Google offices in China.

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