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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Hangouts scams?

Primarily, any romance scammer on Hangouts tries to get the victims to send money claiming to be someone who is not, while those who trick their marks pretend to sell items for unbelievable prices. Complete List of Google Hangouts Scams Let’s build a Hangouts scammer list together and warn the rest of the world about their existence.

What are the signs of Hangouts romance scams?

Always talking about the problems that require money to solve them Another sign of hangouts romance scams is when the person you have fallen head over heels with suddenly has emergencies that require a lot of money. They get creative and push you to the point when you decide to opt to pay the bills.

What are the most common scams?

The oil rig scammer and the military scammer have the greatest success in their scams. By the way, as a woman, the risk of receiving a message from a romance scammer is higher. There are simply more male romance scammers than female ones, so female users get a message more often. A lively correspondence then follows via the social media platform.

Should you gift your personal details to Strangers on Google Hangouts?

If you happen to meet a lady or man on Google hangouts whom you eventually like, you need to start putting caution to the wind the minute they start asking for your personal details. There is a reason why it is called personal details, and the minute you start gifting it to strangers online, you stand a chance of being defrauded by online scammers.

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