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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to complete the introduction to Google Earth?

Introduction to Google Earth Engine 30 minutes to complete How to use Google Earth Engine's basic functionality, including exploring the Data Catalog and viewing datasets in the Workspace. Learn More

What is Google Earth Engine?

Google Earth Engine has more advanced features such as classifying land cover, downloading datasets, and the ability to build your own data analysis algorithms. To start using these advanced features of Earth Engine, sign up at Feedback for us?

What are Earth Engine tutorials?

Tutorials contributed by the Earth Engine developer community are not part of the official Earth Engine product documentation. In this tutorial, we will introduce several types of geospatial data, and enumerate key Earth Engine functions for analyzing and visualizing them.

How many Google Earth engine modules are there?

In addition, while these 10 modules will cover much of the functionality and capabilities of Google Earth Engine, there remains a wealth of knowledge and expanded tutorial data on the official user guide here. It is highly recommended to bookmark and utilize this resource to help answer technical questions outside the scope of the modules.

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