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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Google Drive take so long to process videos?

It is pretty obvious that it takes longer for Google Drive to process a video if the video is 1GB large. Also, it could take hours or days to process multiple large videos. Second, the internet speed.

How to make your Google Drive upload faster?

Make Your Google Drive Upload Faster. 1 Check your Google Drive upload speed. Start taking the upload speed test for your Google Drive. You’ll get to know the speed of your cloud storage ... 2 Change your app settings. 3 Reduce your file size. 4 Try the Drive Uploader app. 5 Use Speed Uploader Extension. More items

How to download processing videos from Google Drive?

Go to Google Drive and select the processing video. Click Share and create a link. Open the link in a new tab. And when the processing video appears, click the three-dot menu icon and tap Download all.

What is the average Google Drive Speed?

Google doesn’t give any precise info on normal Google Drive speed so you could compare it to your own data. Still, Reddit user /justindustin writes about 45 MB per second as the ideal speed you can expect. Here you should also remember about the Google Drive limit of 3 files per second & 750 GB a day.

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