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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Classroom download for Windows?

At a first glance, Google Classroom download for Windows resembles a simple note-taking program. However, once you begin using it, you will quickly learn that it is so much more robust with its customizations and comprehensive tools structured specifically for teaching.

How do I use Google Classroom on my Android device?

Open a browser window and sign in to Classroom. Teachers can review the Classroom mobile app FAQ for more information on class management features. To use Classroom on your Android device, download the Classroom app from Google Play. On your device, tap Google Play Store. Find and install the Google Classroom app.

How do I sign in to Google Classroom?

Sign in with your Google Account. For example, [email protected] or [email protected] . Learn more. On the class card, click the class name. At the top, click Classwork. On the People page, you can see the teachers and students in the class. If your school allows, you can send emails from the People page. Go to and click Sign In.

Is the classroom app available for Windows Mobile devices?

The Classroom app is not currently available for Windows mobile devices. If you use a Chrome device... If you use a device running Chrome OS, such as a Chromebook, you don't need to install the app. If you're using a Chrome app to access Classroom, be aware that support for Chrome apps is being removed.

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