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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you access Google Calendar on Windows 11?

To sync Google Calendar with your Microsoft Calendar on Windows 11, first, click the ‘Start’ button or the Windows button on the taskbar, and select the ‘Calendar’ app from the pinned apps. If Calendar is not a pinned app, you can either type ‘Calendar’ in the search field and select the relevant search result.

Is it possible to sync Google Calendar with Windows 11?

If you’ve been using Google Calendar, you can sync and access all the birthdays, reminders, appointments, and other important events directly on your Windows 11 PC. Since Google Calendar doesn’t have an official app for Windows, using the Windows Calendar app is your best option.

How do I pin Google Calendar to the Windows 11 taskbar?

To pin Google Calendar to Taskbar in Windows 11/10, follow these steps: Open the Google Calendar website on your Chrome browser. Sign in to your Google Calendar account with your Gmail account. Click on the three-dotted icon visible on the top-right corner. Select the More tools > Create shortcut. Enter a name of your shortcut.

What are the benefits of using Google Calendar?

Google Calendar is a super versatile scheduling service. The application allows you to seamlessly schedule tasks and events from your personal agenda. It enables scheduling meeting rooms, allocating time slots, and using World Clock among a bunch of other features that smoothen workflow amongst individuals and workgroups.

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