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Frequently Asked Questions

How to put Google Calendar on desktop in Windows 10?

Use a Desktop ShortcutOpen Google Calendar in Chrome and sign in.Click the Customize and Control button on the top right of the Chrome window.Select More Tools > Create Shortcut.Name your shortcut and click Create.Then navigate to the spot holding your shortcut and drag it to your desktop.

How do I install Google Calendar on Windows 10?

You follow the below steps to add your Google account:Hold the Windows key and press R to open Run box. ...Click on the Settings icon and choose Manage Accounts option. ...Click Add account button and a new window will pop up. ...Now sign in to your Google account by providing an email address and password. ...Finally, your Google calendar events and schedule will be synced to your Windows calendar. ...

How to sync any desktop calendar with Google Calendar?

Download and install the Provider extension by saving it to your desktop, opening the Add-ons dialog in either Sunbird or Thunderbird, and dragging the file you just downloaded into the ...Now that Provider is installed, you have to add your new Google Calendar. ...You're now looking at the Create new calendar wizard. ...

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