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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Google Analytics and main purpose of Google Analytics?

Purpose of Google Analytics User Analysis. Google Analytics provides detailed reports in real time on who visits your site, when they visit, where they visit from geographically and on what pages. Social Media Analysis. Social media has become a critical part of business development. ... Content Analysis. ... Advertising Analysis. ...

Why to use Google Analytics?

One of the most important reasons people use Google Analytics is so that they can see where their traffic is coming from and compare its performance to other marketing channels. The Channels Report can be found in Acquisition > Channels.

Is Google using your analytics data?

Segments allow you to view all of your Google Analytics data based on a specific dimension, such as all of your Google Analytics data based on visitors from the United States. You can also use them to compare up to four segments of data, such as United States versus United Kingdom traffic,...

Should you be using Google Analytics?

Yes. It's as simple as that. There is no shortage of paid services that offer all kinds of tools to track and analyze customer behavior, but Google Analytics charges you nothing and offers all of the important metrics and much more, to help your business maximize online sales.

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