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Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is a Goodman AC unit?

Recently-built Goodman air conditioning units are considered highly reliable, according to heating and air conditioning review website WebHVAC. However, the long-term reliability of these units is unknown.

Are American Standard and Trane the same?

Trane and American Standard are the same air conditioning company. American Standard acquired the Trane Heating and Air Conditioning company back in 1984, and has since broken up its various divisions in 2007, but kept the Trane air conditioner name.

Does Goodman make Amana air conditioners?

Goodman and Amana brand air conditioners, air handlers, and heat pumps are designed to provide both heating and cooling. In air conditioners, the evaporator coil is composed of piping connected to the unit and is usually made of metal and then filled with refrigerant. The refrigerant works to cool the air when the unit is working properly.

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