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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sword in Hypixel?

The Hypixel Wiki is currently in beta and you might come across incomplete or poorly formatted pages. Please report any issues you encounter here . A Sword is a melee Weapon which deals damage at close range. The player can utilize their Stats, Ability, and any other benefits they might have.

Is there a longsword in skyblock?

Currently the only longsword in SkyBlock is the Dark Claymore . The Stats and overall capabilities of Swords can be upgraded in various ways. Below is a brief description of all possible Swords upgrades.

What reforges can be applied to melee weapons?

These are the reforges that are applicable to melee weapons such as Swords and Fishing Rods . These reforges can only be applied on Swords through Reforge Stones. These cannot be obtained through normal reforging. Your critical hits have a chance to deal up to +15% extra damage.

How do you reforge a sword in Skyrim?

Use a reforge anvil (not to be confused with a regular anvil), put the item on the left slot, and the reforge stone on the right slot. Depending on what stat your sword needs, you’ll need to use different reforges. If your sword needs more ✎ Intelligence (for example, the Hyperion), you’ll want to use to use the Heroic reforge.

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