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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good business location?

Your location should be inviting and refined, depending on the type of business you’re running. It should create a positive association for clients and customers so they think highly of your business. There are some important steps to take when considering any new business location.

How to choose a retail store location?

A retail store’s location varies widely compared to a central office’s headquarters. Consider your customers and clients, as well as your employees, when deciding the impact location can have on your business. You want to choose a location that makes the most sense for everyone. Will your business receive ongoing shipments of goods?

What factors influence the choice of a business location?

Business location factors that influence the choice of a business location can be broadly grouped into: The supply factors include labour, land cost, non-financial factors, energy cost, and transportation cost. The demand factors include skilled labour, location sustainability, customer ease, and future expansion.

What do you need to know when looking for a location?

Understand zoning laws and rental terms Before you begin the “hunt” for the perfect location, it’s worth knowing a little bit about how zoning laws may affect you. In terms of where you can legally operate your business, you should consider local zoning regulations and ordinances.

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