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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any pickaxes in skyblock?

More information can be found at Pickaxes on the Minecraft Wiki. All vanilla Minecraft tools exist in SkyBlock. Since tools don't use durability in SkyBlock, before the 0.11 Dwarven Mines Update golden pickaxes were actually used often as they had the biggest Mining Speed compared to all the other pickaxes.

What is the best pickaxe for mining mithril?

Mithril Pickaxe. It has 280 Mining Speed, and 20 more when mining Mithril. Basically a cheaper titanium Pickaxe. Highly recommend for a step up from something like Diamond Pick. Requires 1 Bejeweled Handle 10 Enchanted Gold and 30 Enchanted Mithril. Refined Mithril Pickaxe: 3 Refines Mithril 2 Bejeweled Handles and 30 Enchanted Gold.

Can you use a wooden pickaxe in a minion?

The wooden pickaxe is used in various Mining Minion recipes, but changing the type of pickaxe will not work in a minion. The Pioneer Pickaxe is a SPECIAL pickaxe given to players tested the Crystal Hollows on the Alpha Hypixel Network. It only has a Ⓟ Breaking Power of 1 and a ⸕ Mining Speed of +1.

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