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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldman Sachs a good company to invest in?

Goldman Sachs' bread-and-butter, institutional services or as Bank of America calls it, global markets, makes up just 16% of revenues. Both companies remain good investment options, but Goldman Sachs may provide investors with greater longer-term upside. Here's why.

Why is Goldman Sachs so successful?

This is why Goldman Sachs is so successful. They are driven by people power. For the majority, corporations generally have a product to sell and thus its one of their biggest assets. In order to compete, they must continue to innovate and find creativity in their products. For Goldman Sachs, their people are the biggest assets.

Is Goldman Sachs a Jewish company?

No, Goldman Sachs is a corporation hence it has no religion and cannot be Jewish. But yes, Goldman Sachs was founded by Jews. And now we learn from the London Times in a long and penetrating article that the current CEO thinks that he is on a religious mission: "I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs."

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