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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Goldman Sachs really a bank?

Well, no, not really. Goldman Sachs is basically a broker-dealer with a small bank in tow. When you compare the net interest margin of GS with its peers, for example, the other members of Peer Group 1 defined by the FFIEC reported NIM of 3.28% vs 0.41% for GS in Q1'18. Because the bank unit of GS is so small, the overall NIM for the group is ...

Is Goldman Sachs a safe investment?

Goldman Sachs, investment banking is a multinational company pioneering safe investment transactions, security banking, mutual fund banking and many other easing versions of the same, has held a high place among investment companies and sectors, dealers and bankers.

Does Goldman Sachs employ actuaries?

We provide proactive client engagement by conveying the best insights and resources of Goldman Sachs. We have an experienced team of actuaries and PhDs focused on assisting insurers in areas such as strategic asset allocation, asset liability management, peer analysis, capital and tax-efficient investment strategies and regulatory requirements.

Is Goldman Sachs a Jewish company?

No, Goldman Sachs is a corporation hence it has no religion and cannot be Jewish. But yes, Goldman Sachs was founded by Jews. And now we learn from the London Times in a long and penetrating article that the current CEO thinks that he is on a religious mission: "I'm doing 'God's work'. Meet Mr Goldman Sachs.".

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