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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Golden Gate Fields have year round horse racing?

Meeting: Golden Gate Fields operates nearly year-round, except for a two-month break in June and July and brief lapses in October and December. The racing is of a lesser quality than its southern counterparts Santa Anita and Del Mar, but it still has plenty of quality races dotting its lengthy schedule.

What is the history of the Golden Gate Fields?

History: Golden Gate Fields is located in Berkeley, California, directly adjacent to the San Francisco Bay. The track held its inaugural meet in 1941, but was shortly thereafter commandeered and used as a Naval base for staring landing craft to be deployed in the Pacific theater during World War II.

What is the best day to go to the Golden Gate?

The best day to attend racing at Golden Gate is on Sunday, when admission is a dollar, parking is a dollar, a program is a dollar, and hot dogs, beer and mimosas are all a dollar.

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