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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the toll on the Golden Gate Bridge?

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge will cost as much as $9 for drivers starting Thursday. Tolls for two-axle vehicles will increase from $7.70 to $8.05 for FasTrak users; from $8.40 to $8.60 for ...

How much is the toll on the Golden Gate?

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the world's best-known landmarks. But many drivers struggle to pay the toll since there are no cash toll lanes. If you've crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, it's easy to pay the $8 toll online or over the phone.

What does it cost to visit the Golden Gate Bridge?

Tolls will rise to $6 from $5 for the vast majority of folks, who drive across the bridge and pay with FasTrak. But for those who pay by license plate, the toll will climb from $6 to $7 . Because the Golden Gate Bridge collects all its tolls electronically, drivers won't have to carry any extra cash.

What is the toll on the San Francisco bridge?

The San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge is a major road link between San Francisco and Oakland. The current base toll is $4, charged in the westbound direction. Toll goes up during rush hours to $6. Toll on weekend is $5.

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