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Frequently Asked Questions

What fort is near the Golden Gate Bridge?

Fort Point is located at the south anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge at the end of Marine Drive on the Presidio of San Francisco. Download a map of the Presidio here. By car from San Francisco and points south, take Highway 101 north and exit right at the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza before getting on bridge.

What is fort under Golden Gate Bridge?

Fort Point in 1934, Golden Gate Bridge under construction. View from under bridge. A general view of the northwest wall, in relation to the Fort Point arch of the golden gate bridge. A view toward the southwest corner of the interior, showing the octagonal wooden structure atop the southwest circular staircase.

What is the elevation of the Golden Gate Bridge?

The bridge carries six lanes of traffic about 75 meters (246 feet) above the Golden Gate. The bridge's two towers rise another 152 meters (500 feet) above that. body of water partially surrounded by land, usually with a wide mouth to a larger body of water.

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