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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Golden Chicken at Golden Chick?

Golden Chick Menu Golden Tenders (Gravy & 4 Rolls) $18.97 16 Pc. Golden Tenders - Meal (Gravy, 4 Rolls & ... $23.97 16 Pc. Golden Tenders (Gravy & 6 Rolls) $23.97 25 Pc. Golden Tenders - Meal (Gravy, 6 Rolls & ... $30.98 25 Pc. Fried or Roast Mixed Chicken (4 Rolls) $12.99 8 Pc. 5 more rows ...

Why choose the Golden Chick?

The Golden Chick locations are all brightly decorated in a muted yellow, with natural looking tiles and wood panelling. They are well-lit, clean and modern with a range of convenient seating options. The staff are professional, helpful and efficient and are highly rated for their attention to detail.

What is Golden Chick Chicken Tenderloin?

Not only that, but their fried catfish is another one of their delights. Golden Chick is particularly famous for their “Golden Chicken Tender.” These tenders are legendary as they are only made from the chicken tenderloin, which is the finest, juiciest cut around.

What is the history of Golden Fried Chicken?

Golden Chick began life with the name “Golden Fried Chicken” and was the brainchild of a former franchisee of an alternative fast food brand. This franchisee believed that there must be a better way to franchise a business and thus began the chain. This was in the late 1960’s and the first location was opened in San Marcos, Texas.

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