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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the current price of gold?

Important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from the Company's plans or expectations include risks relating to the actual results of current exploration activities, fluctuating gold prices, possibility of equipment breakdowns and ...

Is the price of gold going up?

Gold prices fell more than they were supposed to and now traders are making adjustments to line up the two markets once ... However, as gold was going down, yields were also falling.

What is the current value of gold?

Spot price means the current rate that gold can be sold at a particular place and time. Recently, the spot price per ounce of gold has been hovering around USD 1,850. The average retail customer won’t be able to buy gold below spot price. Typically, they will have to pay between 3-5% over spot price, as well as a premium.

What is gold worth right now?

The latter is where you are with gold right now. It’s possible to invest in gold while the price is lower and hold those investments for a time. When gold does begin to increase in value again, you can decide whether to keep it a little longer, sell it, or consider it to be a permanent part of your portfolio.

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