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Frequently Asked Questions

What are gold stocks?

Gold stocks are basically those shares or quantities of ownership in a company that administers gold, gold mining or gold in storage that one can buy and hold with a purpose of gaining a financial advantage, usually through the increased value of those stocks or shares or through dividends or a profit share issued to all holders of that stock or ...

What is the stock market symbol for gold?

The stock symbol for an ounce of gold is "XAU.". The price of the commodity reflects the price of 1 ounce of the precious metal in U.S. dollars when traded. Trading with gold rates is done using the over-the-counter method, where the trading is done directly between the two parties without the involvement of an exchange market.

What is the ticker symbol for gold?

The NYSE Arca Gold BUGS Index is a modified equal dollar weighted index of companies involved in gold mining. BUGS stands for Basket of Unhedged Gold Stocks. It is also referred to by its ticker symbol "HUI".

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