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Frequently Asked Questions

Is silver high or low right now?

Silver currently sits close to its long-term lows, whereas the stock market is reaching new highs. Typically, silver—and gold—tends to be more affordable when the stock market is doing well, which is what we are seeing now.

Should I buy gold or silver?

While gold can offer the ultimate insurance and protection against uncertain economic times, silver is a more speculative investment. Both metals are commonly invested assets, but silver is an entirely different investment which can realise substantial profits despite the initial VAT outlay.

Is gold better than silver?

Silver and gold have dominated the precious metals market and are highly rated due to their profitability. Many people think gold is better than silver (and is a better investment option) since gold sells at a significantly higher price. However, silver is better than gold in several ways. Silver is better than gold in the following ways:

Is gold overvalued compared with silver?

The surge in the gold-to-silver ratio, as discussed in our previous article, suggests that gold is overvalued compared with silver. As the gold-to-silver ratio rises, the silver-to-gold ratio falls.

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