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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a GoTo webinar?

Start the webinar. The GoTo Opener “helper” app will launch in your default browser and ask your permission to install itself and the GoTo Webinar desktop app. Follow the browser prompts as instructed, or see step-by-step instructions for Windows and Mac.

How do I start a GoToWebinar session?

Sign in to your account at and schedule your own test webinar. Start the webinar.

What are the benefits of a webinar?

Another benefit of a webinar is that you can receive information in an effortlessly effective way. There’s nothing as efficient as getting knowledge just by watching someone’s ideas presented in a seminar. You can improve your skills and gain knowledge at certain topics that you enjoy, without having to attend a physical event.

What is the GoTo Webinar desktop app?

GoToWebinar desktop app – This is the main software that you use to join and start webinars. GoTo Opener – This is the "helper" application that launches you into active webinars. Organizers need to start a webinar (or attendees can join a webinar) to initiate the software download. Once the web browser launches, you will see the following:

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