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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a CVS Health Advanced glucose meter test strip?

Used with CVS Health Advanced Glucose Meter Test Strips, the glucose meter helps you manage your diabetes. This system makes it easy to measure your blood sugar and help you manage your overall health at home.

What is the best blood glucose monitor for home use?

Best for Home: AUVON DS-W Blood Glucose Monitoring System 1 All-in-one kit for home 2 High-precision test strips 3 Less painful lancet More ...

How can continuous glucose monitoring devices help with diabetes?

It can make checking your blood sugar levels as simple as checking your phone. Continuous glucose monitoring devices can potentially be worn on the belly or the arm and may help you make decisions throughout the day based on your blood glucose readings, which can help with managing diabetes.

How do glucose meters work?

These types of meters measure current blood glucose by using a finger stick blood sample placed on a test strip and inserted into the device. Meanwhile, continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) work by wearing a sensor placed under the skin that measures glucose levels in real time.

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