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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Hu Xijin?

Hu Xijin in the Global Times newsroom in Beijing in 2019. Credit... Hu Xijin, the longtime leader of Global Times, the nationalistic Communist Party tabloid, and a pioneer of China’s fiery online posturing, said on Thursday that he would step back from his position.

What does Hu Xijin stand for?

Hu Xijin ( Chinese: 胡锡进; born 7 April 1960) is a Chinese journalist and the former editor-in-chief and party secretary of the Global Times, a tabloid under the auspices of the Chinese Communist Party 's official People's Daily newspaper. He has been accused of being a political propagandist.

Does Hu's'Global Times'reflect public sentiment in China?

To experts who have long monitored and analyzed China's propaganda apparatus, however, Hu and the Global Times don't capture the full spectrum of public sentiment in China, nor do they necessarily represent the official government stance.

Why is Hu Xijin called Frisbee?

During Hu's time as editor of the Global Times, he has become known as a bellicose hard-liner. “Frisbee Hu,” a nickname for Hu Xijin, arose from a joke that he retrieves whatever the government throws at him.

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