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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Ghana facing its worst economic crisis in decades?

The West African nation is facing one of its worst economic crises in decades. Soaring inflation is compounding the sufferings of many Ghanaians who now have to dig deeper into their pockets to afford essential goods.

What is the relationship between the United States and Ghana?

Accra, March 25, GNA – Bilateral relations is a key building block of international relations, covering relationships between the home country and individual foreign states. The United States and Ghana have, thus, managed a close and enduring friendship rooted in mutual commitment to freedom and democratic values over several decades.

What is happening with Ghana's debt?

With debt interest payments eating up more than half of government revenues Ghana has asked the IMF for a $3 billion bailout, proposed a debt restructuring that could involve losses of up to 30% for foreign investors and is planning to barter some of the gold it produces for oil.

Does Ghana export to the United States?

Ghana exports goods to the United States under the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) and Feed the Future, Power Africa, Trade Africa, and Partnership for Growth country.

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