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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Kamala Harris say about Ghana?

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke Tuesday while traveling through the African nation of Ghana. Harris made a brief address from Cape Coast Castle, a 17th-century Swedish military fort later used by British forces to hold slaves. "BBeing here was immensely powerful and moving," Harris said, her voice cracking.

Is Ghana a destination for black Americans?

Ghana has increasingly become a destination for Black Americans, including various politicians, to connect with their identity. Eric Adams, New York City’s second Black mayor, has said that visiting the slave forts celebrated resilience. President Barack Obama also visited the slave port in Ghana in 2009.

What is Michelle Harris doing in Ghana?

Ms. Harris during a state banquet in Ghana on Monday. On her trip she has reinforced the Biden administration’s commitment to Africa. Jessica Sarkodie for The New York Times.

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