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Frequently Asked Questions

What ZIP code should I use in Ghana?

Therefore to even say “Ghana Zip Code” does not make a lot of sense. That notwithstanding, some say that you should use 00233, others say 23321. However, we have to note that Zip Codes and Postal Codes are issued by the country’s government mailing service. In Ghana, we have Ghana Post.

How can I use Ghana ZIP code 00233?

Anyone can use these either when shopping online or when filling online forms. Now that the GhanaPostGPS app can provide you with an alphanumeric address with a proper 5 digit Ghana’s zip code, or Ghana Postal code – the Ghana zip code 00233 may not be necessary or fit for purpose.

What is GhanaPost GPS?

As a joint venture between Ghana Post ( with support from the Government of Ghana) and Vokacom Ltd as GhanaPost GPS, the Digital Address System assigned postal codes and unique addresses to every square in Ghana. Ghana's postal codes are alphanumeric.

What is the capital of Ghana?

Tamale ( Dagbani : [ˈtamali] ), officially called Tamale Metropolitan Area is the capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana. Tamale is Ghana's third-largest city and an emerging investment hotspot in West Africa. It has a projected population of 950,124 according to the Tamale Metropolitan Assembly Official Website.

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