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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you use ggplot2 to annotate a plot?

To illustrate how ggplot2 tools can be used to annotate plots we’ll start with a time series plotting US unemployment over time: ggplot (economics, aes (date, unemploy)) + geom_line () One useful way to annotate this plot is to use shading to indicate which president was in power at the time.

How ggplot2 controls positioning of text?

A common task in plotting is adding texts as labels or annotations to specific locations. ggplot () has functions geom_text (), geom_label () and annotate () for this purpose. In this post we discuss how ggplot2 controls positioning of text. First we need to specify (x, y) coordinate in the plot where the text is placed.

What is an annotation in a plot?

An annotation can help the readability of a plot. It allows adding text to a plot or highlight a specific portion of the curve. The most common form of annotation is text. Let us first plot a regular plot without any annotation so that the difference is apparent. This allows annotating only text to a plot.

How to annotate a plot using Geom_title?

To annotate using this function, first, a dataframe of the values is created and then the values to geom_title () are passed with reference to the dataframe so created. This function is used to add labels i.e. text is framed in the plot, but since it does the job of adding an annotation this can be considered as one alternative.

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