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Frequently Asked Questions

What does "geographic location" mean?

Geographic location of location Definition. Geographic location refers to the physical place a statistical unit is located and for which statistics are collected and disseminated. Classifications Relation to previous version. This is the current version.

What does the word by mean as a geographical location?

Geographical location refers to a specific physical point on Earth. This is more precise than “area” or “place,” often defined by a set of latitude and longitude coordinates. Any location that has solid ground such as a country, island or panhandle can be a geographical location on the surface of the Earth.

How to represent geographical locations?

Writing Coordinates with Minutes, Seconds and DegreesIdentify the Geographical Lines on the Map. This method tells you the locations with improved accuracy than just identifying the map coordinates.Count the Minutes between the Geographical Lines. This part is the most important step of this method. ...Find the Second between the Geographical Lines. ...Put Degrees, Minutes and Seconds in Order. ...

What is the importance of geographical location?

What about the legal implications of your location? The best location can increase brand visibility. Location can also influence a business’s ability to market itself, the competition it faces from businesses, the total cost of operation, taxes the business owner has to pay and the regulations they must follow. Location also matters for marketing.

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