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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the definition of geographically?

Here are all the possible meanings and translations of the word Geographically. In a geographical manner. In a geographical manner; according to the rules of geography. Etymology: from geographical. Minerva lets Ulysses into the knowledge of his country: she geographically describes it to him.

What are some examples of geographically?

The definition of geographical is relating to the landscape of the earth. An example of something geographical is the study of each state's location. The small British province of Ajmere-Merwara is also included within the geographical area of Rajputana. It has rather been a wide extension of scientific geographical mapping.

What are some synonyms for geographically?

Also ge·o·graph·ic [jee-uh-graf-ik] . Geoffrey, Geoffrey of Monmouth, geog., geognosy, geographer, geographical, geographical determinism, geographical mile, geographic determinism, Geographic Information System, geographic mile

What is the difference between geographic and geographical?

As adjectives the difference between geographical and geographic. is that geographical is of or relating to geography; geographic while geographic is pertaining to geography. What does Geology mean in geography? the study of the Earth Definition: Geology is the study of the Earth.

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