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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gbgbtc (GBTC)?

GBTC is the ticker symbol for The Bitcoin Investment Trust, a trust run by Grayscale that holds 175,984,800 shares of 0.00100721 Bitcoins as of February 2018 (it was 1,868,700 shares of 0.09242821 Bitcoins as of August 31, 2017, but the stock split; see the update and explanation below; also see current holdings here ). [2]

What is the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC)?

Below we explain the Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC), the pros and cons of GBTC, and why GBTC is a better investment than Bitcoin in some ways (but not in others). What is a trust? A trust (an investment trust) is a company that owns a fixed amount of a given asset (like gold or bitcoin).

Is GBTC a good buy?

– Understanding the GBTC Premium GBTC is, very generally speaking, a great buy for a casual investor who doesn’t want to trade cryptocurrency on an exchange (but wants to trade Bitcoin). With that said, at times it can trade at a pretty intense premium (due to high demand and limited supply). [3][4]

Is GBTC registered with the SEC?

It is not registered with the SEC under the Investment Company Act of 1940 and it doesn't trade on an exchange. It trades on the over-the-counter market, which has less stringent participation rules than exchanges. And unlike most ETFs, GBTC charges a high annual fee of 2% of assets.

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