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Frequently Asked Questions

Why stay at Casa Dorada Los Cabos?

With world-class golf and deep-sea fishing, boundless eco-adventures and excursions for families of all ages and sizes, Casa Dorada Los Cabos, Resort & Spa the perfect base to soak up the exhilarating activities and rich culture of Mexico.

What is the one-bedroom suite at Casa Dorada?

In keeping with Casa Dorada’s soothing, elegant color scheme, the One-Bedroom Suite offers the ideal respite for sophisticated tastes with exquisite views of the bay and nearly 1,100 square feet of interior space.

What is El Rincón Culinario at Casa Dorada?

El Rincón Culinario is Casa Dorada Los Cabos, Resort & Spa’s “bazar gourmet” proposal. Order what you want, where you want. There are seven consumption centers distributed in different spots at the hotel: Mexican, Italian, Eastern, Seafood, etc.

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