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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any way to get the BIOS files for GBA?

Firmwares are not required anymore since No$GBA has more sufficient emulation to be able to work alone. As for the BIOS files, the only legal way that you can attain such is to take it from your DS. It is copyrighted to Nintendo so it would be difficult to find some distributer.

Does no $GBA include a built-in Nintendo BIOS?

By default when you download No$gba includes a built-in clone copy of Nintendo BIOS that is used for running the games if the copyrighted Nintendo original BIOS ROM-images are not found in the no$gba emulator folder.

What is the size of the GBC BIOS file?

Name Size GBC Bios (gbc_bios.bin) 2.5Kb GBA Bios 13Kb GBA Bios (Debug) 13Kb 491Kb 50 more rows ...

Are there any GBA/DS games that use BIOS images?

There are only few GBA and DS games that make use of BIOS images. Because of this, it is quite difficult to look for available BIOS images anywhere around the Web that is distributed legally. Even more, DS BiOS is copyrighted by Nintendo and its distribution by our site would be illegal.

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