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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a GBA/NDS/DS BIOS file?

For the majority of games, you do not need to worry about the gba / nds / dsi bios files, but yes – there are some specific game roms that may require you to get the bios.rom images. No$GBA Emulator : Where can I find some BIOS images? There are only few GBA and DS games that make use of BIOS images.

What is a GBA BIOS?

GBA BIOS ( Gameboy advance bios )- Proper Dump (necessary for some games) If while playing a game in VBA, or some other GBA emulator easily download here gba bios, you get a message saying there’s a problem related to the bios, then download and try using this bios with your emulator.

How do I star GBA emulation on NDS?

To star No$gba emulation using those bios and firmware files, go to setting - change “Reset/Startup entry point” option to “GBA Bios”. Download BIOS for NDS (Nintendo DS)! Yes, this is not a joke, the BIOS of the Nintendo DS installer can actually be found and downloaded here.

Are firmware and BIOS files still necessary for no $GBA emulator?

As for the BIOS files, the only legal way that you can attain such is to take it from your DS. It is copyrighted to Nintendo so it would be difficult to find some distributer. Are firmware and BIOS files still necessary for No$GBA emulator? Nowadays, these things (backup NDS bios files) are not really needed anymore.

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