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Frequently Asked Questions

How old are the Green Bay Packers?

The Green Bay Packers were founded in 1919, and are the third oldest franchise in the NFL. The Packers are the only community-owned, non-profit team in the league.

How many games have the Green Bay Packers lost under Matt LaFleur?

In three seasons under coach Matt LaFleur, the Green Bay Packers have lost nine games. After each of the first eight, they’ve bounced back with a victory. You know what would be a mismatch? The Green Bay Packers’ injury list taking on the Los Angeles Rams’ injury list.

How much did the Green Bay Packers give to Waukesha?

The Green Bay Packers have donated over $270K to the United for Waukesha Community Fund to benefit the victims of the Waukesha Christmas parade attack and their families. The total of $270,650 includes $135,325 donated from 42 Packers players and coaches, which was matched by Packers Give Back.

What if the Packers face a tight game in January or February?

If the Packers face a tight contest in January or February, they're going to have the confidence needed to perform at the highest level when it matters most.

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