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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Texas the most gay-friendly state?

The state of Texas has become home to one of the country’s most vibrant and active gay populations, thanks to the diversity of the state’s largest cities.

Where are the best places for LGBT travelers in Texas?

With the largest gay population of any city in Texas, Dallas presents an excellent opportunity for the LGBT traveler to experience the best the state has to offer. The gay community in Dallas centers on the Oak Lawn neighborhood, just minutes from downtown. Two Dallas bars, the Round-Up Saloon and the Tin Room,...

Is Austin Texas a good city for gay travel?

Austin has one of the most active and prominent LGBT communities in the country. “Advocate” chose Austin as one of its Gayest Cities in America, and “Travel and Leisure” honored the state capital as one of America’s Best Cities for Gay Travel. These distinctions are testament to the diversity and energy of Austin’s youthful, progressive population.

What's happening in the Houston LGBTQ community?

Your weekly roundup of LGBTQ happenings. Democrat Josh Tutt’s progressive platform is resonating with voters. Candidate Ben Chou and student Cameron Samuels advocate for queer-affirming websites. Pride Chorus Houston offers something for everyone this season. American Indian activist Anna Farris continues giving back to her communities.

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