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Frequently Asked Questions

What is gate control theory?

More in Psychology. In order to explain why our mental states impact pain perceptions, researchers Ronald Melzack and Patrick Wall proposed what is known as gate control theory during the early 1960s. This theory suggests that the spinal cord contains a neurological "gate" that either blocks pain signals or allows them to continue on to the brain.

What is the pain gate control theory?

The pain gate control theory is a simple way to understand how you feel pain and how to control acute and chronic pain. Simply put: non-noxious stimuli can get through the gate to your brain while preventing painful feelings from getting to your brain. This model of pain control can help you find the best approach to eliminating your pain.

How do gate control fibers inhibit synapses?

They inhibit synapses for the spinothalamic tracts in the cord through the release of endogenous opioids on incoming C and A delta fibers (endorphins and enkephalins) What happens during gate control theory? Fast large A-beta myelinated fibers give off communicating interneurons in the dorsal horn before ascending the dorsal columns.

How do nerve gates work?

How Gate Control Works Following an injury, pain signals are transmitted to the spinal cord and then up to the brain. Melzack and Wall suggest that before the information is transmitted to the brain, the pain messages encounter "nerve gates" that control whether these signals are allowed to pass through to the brain.

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