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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a gala a formal event?

A gala is a formal event. Like all events, some are more creative and some will be conservative. This usually depends on the industry. Graphic designers can usually get away with quirky spins to their suits or tuxedos, while those working as a financial broker cannot.

What was the gala occasion?

Gala means a festive occasion, especially a lavish social event or entertainment. Because of the intense curiosity from people near and far over this trial there is a sense of this "gala" event. The irony is it is over something very serious and sombre.

What is Gala cryptocurrency?

GALA is an Ethereum-based utility token, created through the use of the project’s ERC-20 token model. It is a native cryptocurrency of the Gala Games Ecosystem, which allows users to run games on it, and earn GALA by supporting the ecosystem. The project’s ecosystem has come a long way already, with a lot more left to do.

What is Gala coin?

The GALA coin is the native token of the Gala Games blockchain network. If you have not heard of Gala Games, it is a platform where gamers can play blockchain games and buy or sell in-game NFT assets. Gamers also influence which game should be developed or should get funding by voting.

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