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Frequently Asked Questions

What does G-5 stand for?

G5: Civil Affairs at Corps and Division. Governmental » Military. Rate it: G5: Group of Five. Governmental » Politics. Rate it:

What does the G5 do in the Army?

G5 (S5), Civil-Military Operations - the principal staff officer for all matters concerning civil-military operations (the civilian impact on military operations and the impact of military operations on the civilian populace).

What does 5G do to your body?

Low Latency – High Efficiency. 5G will break down data and send it in smaller sizes to offer significantly reduced transmission times. Data will be sent with only a 1 millisecond delay instead of a 50 millisecond delay commonly found with 4G.

What is 5G and how does it work?

How 5G technology works. 5G is the fifth generation telecommunication and wireless network standard which will be capable of handling greater data rates and network efficiency. 5G networks will offer scalable and adaptable services, it promises a smarter, faster and efficient network. This new system expected to be launched in early 2020s.

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