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Frequently Asked Questions

What size head will a skeletal K9 mask fit?

If you're curious about how we do the padding inside our masks, please watch this videofor examples SKELETAL K9 INFO A head with one of these masks Fits up to a 23" head No jawset/tongue/eyes needed. Tongues that will fit in order of best fitting to so-so fit: Fox, Velociraptor, deer, sergal point/fork, thin point dragon.

How much does a glow in the dark skeletal K9 mask cost?

Glow in the Dark Skeletal K9 Cut and Hinged Mask DreamVision Creations $ 33000$ 330.00 Glow in the Dark Skeletal K9 Lower Jaw Mask DreamVision Creations $ 13000$ 130.00 Glow in the Dark Skeletal K9 Upper Jaw Mask

What is skeletal K9 blank?

Skeletal K9 Blank 1 Upper Jaw Only Comes with only the upper half of the mask, like if you wanted to make a headdress or decoration. 2 Lower Jaw Only Comes with only the lower jaw of the mask 3 Cut and hinged masks are pull from the mold and cut, sanded around all edges and then the hinges are installed. It is... More ...

Who are we the fursuit makers?

We are professional costume makers that opened our doors back in 2011. We believe everyone should have fursuit they love without breaking the bank. Feel free to check out our site and send us message if you have any questions.

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