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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average size of a silverback gorilla?

Silverback Gorillas are around six feet tall - about the height of an adult male - while females are around five feet tall. Silverback gorillas weigh approximately 350 pounds- about twice the weight of normal adult man.

Is a gorilla a human?

1. Gorillas are 98.67% human: This one speaks for itself – humans and gorillas share a strikingly similar genetic code. 2. Gorillas maintain families: A gorilla family averages ten members and contains a number of females, children and usually one or two large, silverback males.

What is the evolution of a gorilla?

Gorilla Evolution. First, primates. The history of the primates has at least 65 million years. Today there are more than 500 species distributed around the world in America, Asia, and Africa, but it took several million years for the early ancestors to evolve into modern gorillas. There are more than 500 species of primates around the world today.

What animal is a gorilla?

Western gorilla -. The western gorilla (Gorilla gorilla) is the most abundant species of the genus Gorilla. These animals can be grayish or brownish with a yellowish forehead. The gorillas are distinguished from eastern gorillas by their lighter color and an overhanging tip on their nose.

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